Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 - S100 Skinpack for firmware 1.7.9, new Extra apps, new SkinTool features etc...

Happy New Year everybody!
As many of you have probably noticed, all the links of the skinpacks in my previous post have been removed. This is because I have decided to make some money from this "work" and starting from this year all the people will have to pay to download my skins and skinmanager.


Skinmanager and Skintool are simple applications that I started a couple of years ago to simplify the skin switch process in the S100 unit.
SkinManager allow to change Skin (theme) in about 10 seconds and Skintool contain some scripts that will help the user to make some more complex modifications to the S100 system.
To run Skinmanager you have to extract the Skinmanager folder in root of the SD Card, insert it in the GPS slot, set the navi path to point to \Skinmanager\Skinmanager.exe and press the Navi button.  Here is  a demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjiMV5nWa88#t=11

Today I'm releasing a new 2015 version of my  skinpack for the Roadnav S100 units:

In this 2015 first release there will be some new interesting features that has been collected in these 2 past years and taken all over from the international forums.
Both tools have been modified a lot and the first thing you'll see is that all the Skins folders, Extras, common files etc... are now included in the main "SkinManager" folder, so you'll have everything in one place.

A summary changelog of this version is:

- Skinned Ipod section in Skin4 (tnx Alexandros for testing it)
- Fixed fonts bug that change sizes in some languages (except French that is still buggy)
- Fixed Saved stations string position in radio screen
- Other stuff i don't remember now

Skinmanager now is  contained all in one folder
- No more Italian Language in skinmanager (for now)
- Autobackup of S100PROGRAM folder at first run
- Added a Screenshot tool
- New Nitrogen version with playlist support and fixed its installation as standalone app
- Added option to replace Operamini with Opera10
- Added Zetakey Browser to Extras
- Added option to load custom strings using a patched exe.
   Available better translations till now are: Italian, English, Greek, Turkey, Spanish, Russian
- Added option to modify ADSet.xml to fake unit ID and change buttons function.
- New restore options: phonebook and  radio db, setting.dat, Platform.exe and Audio.exe
- Skintool and Skinmanager are a little more user friendly, giving and asking to the user some more possibilities and confirmations before installing or updating pre-existing parts.
- Maybe more things...

All the option has been tested a lot of  times by me and other friends but , you know, shit can always happen and please don't blame me, just report me the bugs.

So let's start some explanations....
When Skinmanager start you can choose one of the 4 skins available. If none of the custom skins are installed, selecting one, you will be prompted to do it and accepting will start the installation procedure.
At first install a Backup of the S100PROGRAM folder will be created on your SD card to keep your data safe and a copy of skinmanager will be installed in the games section of the original skin so you can use it even without the SD card inserted. After a skin is installed you will be asked to install the Extra applications: Nitrogen audio player, VoPlayer, Zetakey internet browser, a couple of games.
Installing Nitrogen you also can choose to replace the audio player with Nitrogen.
Then Skinmanager will ask you if you'd like to use a patched version of the software that allow you to use a custom version (better translated) of the Language file.
Once you have at least one skin installed you can switch between skins in about 10 seconds just clicking on it.


On top right of SkinManager, you can see a camera icon. When you press it , it will launch the screenshot tool: first will come up a file browser screen for a second and will automatically close, then will appear another icon on the right of the screen:
This icon will stay always active in every screen (in every skin or app you are running). 
Clicking on it twice, it will take a screenshot.
Screenshots are saved on sdcard in the folder \Skinmanager\screenshot\screenshots.


 Selecting this option you'll be taken to this other window:

1.The Backup will create a folder in the root of your SD card named "S100PROGRAM-BACKUP" and it will contain a copy of the S100PROGRAM folder without subfolders.
2.It will delete all the skins (2,3,4 and original one) and restore the original one from the SD card.
3. and 4. they do what they say in case you have replaced them
5.If you'd like to restore your settings after a firmware flash.
6.This will restore the phonebook.db file. This file, like all the .db files, can be edited using an sql editor so you can modify to your needs.
  I discovered that if you put a question mark "?" (maybe other characters too)in front of the contact name, it will be displayed at the beginning of the contact list. So I use it to always have my favorite numbers firstly shown in the list.
Restoring the phonebook save me the hassle to re-edit the db
7. Same as phonebook but this is for the stations names and frequency. If you edit it you can save it and restore it.

If you haven't installed the extra apps in a skin, or you'd like to update them you can use this option to do it

You will have to choose which skin to install or update

 You will have to choose which skin uninstall

It will replace the default player with Nitrogen and viceversa

It will replace the default internet browser with the more efficent Opera10 and viceversa.

It will open this new window:
1. ID mod: you can change the ID value of your unit, faking it as another model. By default it will set 201 because the C201 unit have in the main menu the Audio button in place of the PiP one. If you know any other model you'd like to fake, you can set any number. A backup of the original ADSet.xml will be created and you restore it later if  you like.

2. ADFunction mod: With this option you can assign the Audio player launch to any hardware button available. Personally I find the mute button perfect for the purpose.

8. Patch\Unpatch Platform.exe for custom language files
It will replace Platform.exe with its patched version and replace the original strings with the customized ones:  Italian, English, Greek, Turkey, Spanish, Russian, French
 When unpatching it will restore the original strings from the sd card.

It will run a file browser

It will start the unit software

11. EXIT
 It will take you back to Skinmanager


 To download the skinpack you have to go to this post:

Once the payment is confirmed you will be redirected to the Skinpacks folder (click on "return to seller site") where you can find older versions, the curent one  and even the new ones when they will be available.

These are the packs included in the folder now:
- Skinpack 12.01.15 for fw 1.8.9
- Skinpack 12.01.15 for fw 1.7.9
- Skinpack 12.01.15 for fw 1.6.9
- SkinPack for fw to 1.5.9
- SkinPack for fw up to 1.18.7

I'll try to keep the Skinpack folder link address the same as long as i can , but if it start to get spammed all over internet I'll surely change it and I'll start to distribute the packs in another way, so please.... DON'T SPAM IT

I'll send also a copy of the link by email but if you have problems of any kind, feel free to contact me by email.
Enjoy :)


  1. Just bought it, will install the firmware and the skin 4 this afternoon
    Thanks for your work KoTiX ;-)

    1. Thank you for buying it.
      I'll wait your feedback ;)

  2. Thanks KoTiX... Great work! Finally I my S100 fully supports Greek language... Everything is working like a charm! I am still searching for any bug...

  3. After installing the skin and language patch I did a hardware reset of the S100...

    1. Why did you do a reset?
      I'm glad you are happy with it, tnx for your help bro ;)
      Let me know if you find anything wrong.

  4. I did the reset because of the greek font problem... Only after the reset I saw the new tahoma font right!!!
    It's great KoTiX... only some strings in greek language needs to be a little bit shorter... but this is minors problems!!
    Keep Good Working...
    It's brilliant that I have my S100 device fully supporting greek!!!

    1. You can edit the Greek string that is in the folder \patches\string.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Of course your work is worth... every cent!!!!

  7. What is the bug with French langage, as I am French ?

  8. It's not really a skin bug it's more a winca software bug that in some cases doesn't use the font size specified in the skin XML.
    You can probably see it in the radio screen of skin4 where the big RDS name is very small but only in French... Switching to other languages font is OK.
    So a quick dirty fix for you is to rename the string_French.XML to string_EN.XML and set english as your language. Find the files in the common files folder of my pack or in the s100UI folder in the unit.
    In the while i'll see if I can find a definitive fix.

  9. Paid by PayPal. Please send downloadlink.

    Confirmation 9YM61111LB105792F

    1. You have a pm on xda.
      I'll see if I can send an automatic email with the link after payment

  10. Hi KoTiX,
    I tried to edit the file string_EN.xml to translate it to french, but when I open it i just got special strings like this :


    On the old skinpack, I could edit this file without problem. Is the string files different in the new pack ? The size is not exactly the same. I tried with an XML editor but it's the same problem.

    Any idea ?

    1. The strings are encrypted in the new firmwares so why there is the option to patch the software in skintool.
      Anyway I told you just to rename the files, something like: string_EN.XML in String_EN.old and string_French.XML to string_EN.XML.
      Can you send me your corrected old string file so I can add it to skinpack?

    2. here is my old corrected string_French.xml file :

      Big thanks ;-)

    3. Here is the new string file:

  11. Paid by Paypal and downloaded it.Thanks KoTix

  12. Another question, why is it impossible to fake the C201 model to have MP3 button on main screen when you have CANBUS ? It was working good on previous pack.
    By the way, I assigned an hard button for MP3, but wondering if I can have the tactile button on main screen.
    (Sorry for my bad English)

    1. I just mean it can mess your canbus setting but as my unit don't have it I can't really say what happen.
      If it worked before then it will work now too.

  13. I tested it, and steering wheel commands are not working if I change the ADSet.xml with C201 model ID.

  14. If I remenber, we had to change the file MachineMapCanBus.xml with 201 ID too, I will test it.

  15. I have an S100 for bmw x1 with software - X1 V0.1.48.13 . Which package should I use ? Thanks

    1. Uhm... The interface x1 model is completely different and I have no idea if my skins will work right or not.
      Generally you should look in the system info for the fw version.

  16. Dear Kotix,
    Is it possible to assign a hard button to open the TV app?

    1. You can try modifying yourself the adfunction setting this value: Soft_KEY_tv to a button

  17. Hi KoTiX, just for information, I used the trick to fake the C201 model to have the mp3 button on main screen, but I lost the steering wheel controls. Then I modified the file MachineMapCanbus.xml to fake the C201 model here again, replaced the file using CECMD and it works fine, the canbus commands are working again.

    Maybe you can add a note on your post.


    1. Ok great tnx :)
      Maybe I'll try to setup an automatic patch too.

  18. Thanx Kotix for your famous work - works perfectly!
    But, I want to edit a language file to (better) german - I edit one of the patched files, put it back to the patches folder and... there are no words to be seen in the skins and I have to unpatch again - what did I wrong?

    1. Probably you did a mistake somewhere in the file, missing a "<" or other simbol, try to open that file with internet explorer on your pc if it's ok you'll see the code otherwise it will give you an error.

  19. Acquistata ed installata su C018 S100 V1.7.9.0
    Tutto ok, anche se ho dovuto unpatch Platform.exe, le scritte non erano visibili.
    Solo una cosa per ora: nella finestra "Radio" non si riesce a modificare il formato data? Anziché "01.19 Lunedì" in "19.01 Lu" e poi il riquadro è più piccolo della scritta e vedo "01.19 Lune" un po' tagliato.

    Grazie, ottimo lavoro!


    1. Uhm.. Strana questa cosa della patch...ricontrolleró.
      Per la data non c'è nulla da fare. Considera che non c'è solo l'italiano e che prima della data c'è pure l'anno.
      Questo alla fine è I'll compromesso migliore che ho trovato.

  20. If I choose skin 3 and try to play music from my I'll the screen becomes blank. Please help with this issue


  21. If I choose skin 3 and try to play music from my IPOD the screen becomes blank. Please help with this issue

    1. Thank you for reporting it!
      You are right i missed the IPOD folder in skin3, you can copy the IPOD folder from the S100UI folder and paste it in the Skin3.
      Otherwise download the package again, now it's fixed.

  22. Can you add hebrew support ?

    1. My skins should be independent from the language. As I cannot load the Hebrew language from the settings, you should tell me what isn't working or post me some pics.

    2. Hello,
      I have a general problem when using IGO and phone contacts names, there is no Hebrew characters and I am getting blanks instead, I think the basic font file should be replaced with Hebrew one and I was wondering if installing the skins package can fix that problems or if you have any other ideas how to solve it.

    3. The IGO problem i beleive it's just an IGO problem and not of the roadnav sw.
      The phone contacts should be shown normally as the unit fully support the hebrew language. Is your unit set to Hebrew or are you using it in english?

  23. The unit does not have an Hebrew language option so i set it to English, I believe that if I will be able to change the default font to Hebrew support font then I will have Hebrew characters support, problem is that I do not know how to change the system font.
    their are two font files on the upgrade package under C088-2\S100PROGRAM\fontlib , do you think that replacing them with the hebrew fonts file will help ?
    Thanks for your help

    1. Now I got you...
      On your unit now you are running a standard international firmware.
      The last number in the firmware version specify the group of languages available, I don't know in which group Hebrew is present but to make you understand it:
      A fw like means standard group 0.
      But exist also and and maybe others.
      Try searching around if you find some fw for your unit even if older, but with a number different from 0.

    2. Thanks, How can i know whats the correct fw for hebrew ? where should i search ?

    3. As I said I don't know in which group is the Hebrew. You'll have to flash the fw or even just replace the platform.exe will be enough.

  24. Hello Kotix
    Denis are the mazda cx-7
    I experienced an issue which I then resolved
    I installed firmware modified SetUpdateXML_EN_2.exe putting as Italian language
    I installed the skin 4 for
    I have disappeared written in Italian
    From skinmanager I restored the original skin
    The writings were missing
    With skin manager I restored the language
    I put the English language
    Installed skins 4
    The writings there are now
    Then put the Italian language
    Now it all works

    1. Ciao Denis, rispiegami in italiano passo dopo passo cosa hai fatto, perfavore.

  25. Allora
    Ho preparato il firmware con il file set-up..2.exe per la c097 mettendo come lingua italiano all avvio
    La radio si e accesa in italiano
    E fin qui tutto bene
    Poi ho installato la skin 4 con gli extra ma e uguale se non li installi
    Quando si e riavviato la radio le scritte non c erano più
    Ho reinstallato ancora la skin 4 ma niente
    Ho disinstallato la skin 4 e ho messo l originale
    Ma le scritte mancavano
    Allora ho visto su skinmanager ripristina lingua originale o simile
    L ho fatto e le scritte sono tornate
    Allora ho pensato che cera un bug con l italiano
    Ho messo lingua inglese
    Ho reinstallato la skin 4
    E le scritte ora cerano
    Ho messo italiano
    Ora va tutto
    Sembra che la skin abbia un problema con l italiano

    1. Non è la skin se no dovevi vedere le scritte nella skin originale, diciamo che è un bug del sistema che secondo me bastava che riavviavi e tutto andava a posto.
      Ogni tanto nei cambi skin i font vanno insieme e si vedono caratteri grandie piccoli alla rinfusa. In questo caso è sufficiente mettere in inglese o altre lingue, poi tornare all'italiano e vanno a posto. Altre volte basta un riavvio.

  26. Ho anche riavviato ma niente
    Ho anche aspettato 20 secondi prima di riavviare
    Secondo me allora e di sistema
    E la prima volta che mi succede
    La prossima volta installo in inglese
    Non puo essere il file setup...2.exe che con questo firmware dia qualche problema?

    1. Potrebbe anche essere ma se non sbaglio il problema te l'ha dato dopo aver messo la skin... o no?

  27. si
    Tra l altro ho ancora il problema del canbus che non va bene
    Se mando avanti una canzone ne vanno avanti 2
    E non sono l' unico
    Non ce un file exe da cambiare con uno di un firmware piu vecchio
    ora ho messo la modifica della c201 senza modificare il file canbus
    Cosi lo ho disabilitato
    I comandi al volante funzionano giusti ora

    1. Le scritte sullo schero dell auto pero non vanno

    2. ma non hai provato a mettere dei numeri di canbus diversi dal tuo? molti hanno risolto vari problemi mettondo i canbus di altre auto...

  28. con il canbus della 201 mi funzionano giusti i comandi al volante
    Non mi funzionano le scritte sul display della mazda
    Resta ora sempre scritto navisytem
    Dietro la radio ce una scatoletta con scritto canbus mazda cx-7
    Guardando nel file del canbus le mazda hanno tutte lo stesso numero cioe 12
    Sembra che per le scritte ce una codifica a parte
    Provo magari a fare una prova con ford vista che erano in collaborazione

  29. Il problema e uscito con i firmware 1.7,9.0 e il firmware andava bene

  30. Ciao kotix controlla se e' avvenuto il pagamento,a me paypal lo ha confermato pero' non sono stato reindirizzato da nessun'altro parte.....boh!!!!
    forse ho fatto casino io....sono curioso delle tue creature(antgamb di kia sportage forum)
    grazie cia'

    1. ... 150 euro???
      ma sei matto?
      te ne devo rendere 135...

    2. Scherzi a parte ;)
      Dopo il pagamento bisognerebbe cliccare su "torna al sito del venditore" ma cmq nel più breve tempo possibile invio a tutti una mail di promemoria col link.

  31. Ciao Kotix
    Ho fatto varie prove e confronti
    Secondo me il canbus funziona bene
    Il problema secondo me e che i comandi al volante li prende due volte
    Cioe se tolgo il canbus i comandi al volante funzionano bene pero mi mancano le scritte sul display mazda
    Se metto il canbus le scritte vanno bene ma i comandi sono doppi (doppio avanti e indietro canzone e anche stazione radio)
    Adesso provero a rimettere il canbus ed eliminare il file WheelValue.xml
    Vediamo se e questo!!!!
    Ho notato che anno anche cambiato il file adset.xml
    Comunque per il pagamento a me e arrivata anche la email con il link a dropbox

  32. Neanche questa modifica funziona
    Il File WheelValue.xml non serve a niente con il canbus
    I comandi vanno sempre
    Provero a cambiare il file adset.xml con uno del firmware

  33. Non cambia niente!!!!
    Allora e qualcosa su qualche file del canbus che non so dove e!!!!
    Il mio numero di canbus e 12 ma non capisco poi questo numero dove va ad agire!!!!!
    Se hai qualche idea????

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Ciao kotix
    Per installare android con i nuovi firmware e lo stesso modo di sempre?

    1. Io non ho più provato ma credo che con i nuovi firmware non sia più possibile mettere android perchè è cambiato il bootloader.

  36. hi Kotix
    Hi have a problem in my C098 with the volume button from low to hight volume must turn around the button more then 10 times .I made firmware update to version 1.7.9 but nothing . Is there a way to fix it?

    1. I know some people have the same problem, I have no idea how to solve it, probably you just have to wait for a new firmware with the fix.

  37. I want to downgrate from Androit to Wince on my S150 but can't find the Firmware for the BMW E46 (C052) can I download any firmware and use the tool to change it to C052? and if so can I use the MCU from the Android files?
    Thanks in advance and great work :D

    1. Look here:
      ask the password in the forum. Don't mess with the config tool and read the update instructions before flashing, be sure you see the chinese characters in files and folders of the firmware.

  38. Hi There! I bought! Installed on C019 (Opel Zafira) and will work directly without any configuration?

    1. Yes, just select the skin you'd likee to install. For other options press the skintool button.

  39. hello kotix. I'm trying to emulate the s100 with skinmanager in microsoft device emulator and I'm not getting. could you tell me what should I do?

    1. Google for the "roadrover" emulator and run the platform.exe clicking it many times.

  40. Thanks man. but when I run the platform application.exe, the following message appears: "illegal uppgrade package ..."

  41. Is it possible to use ipod playlist with those skins? (Its not possible with the original)

    1. I guess not.. i don't have an ipod or iphone and i don't know their playlist format.
      The Nitrogen player have support for m3u, pls, npl and others..

  42. Hello Kotiux ! First of all thanks for your amazing job. By the way I'll pay for it but I would like to thank people like you that made other people life easier.
    I would like to buy this patch. Can I ask couples of questions ? If so, can I get an entrance screen to modify logo - picture? This patch will enable all the possible features of the system ? Thanks for your attention!

    1. You wellcome, modify the logo on s100 is a pain, forget it.
      My pack will add some new features that will make the overall usage a little better.

  43. Ciao Kotix, le skin cyan e blue di nitrogen sono in russo, si possono convertire in inglese?

    1. Si ma io non ho tempo di farlo. Se vuoi ti passo il sorgente e lo fai tu.

    2. Ok ci posso provare, come me lo passi?

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Hi Kotix,
    How to edit phonebook and radio station databases? I've pressed the icon that suppose to start radio station editor but nothing happens. Any simple "howto"? thanks! mikrus10

    1. Anyway you can do it on your pc with a sqllite editor

  46. It's still under developement, will be ready soon ;)

  47. Paid by PayPal. Please send downloadlink.

    Confirmation 3HY03251BL693605L

  48. Hi Kotix,
    Ich habe Ford C003 and APP Version S100-V1.3.9.0, kann ich deine Skin Pack verwenden, oder muss ich eine neuere Software verwenden.

    1. Look here:

  49. Ciao ho acquistato un s100 ma come comandi al volante mi funzionano solo i tasti volume. Ho un Peugeot 308 e sul sito della roadnav il cambus dovrebbe avere la dicitura c083 mentre quello che ho trovato e montato ha c027 che è del Peugeot 207. Ho alternative come posso fare per far funzionare i comandi al volante. Grazie

    1. Leggi qui: http://www.roadnav.com/forum/knowledgebase/14227-steering-wheel-controls

  50. Hello I have an android 2.3.4 on my car and would like to upgrade to 4+ could do? these are the details:
    kernel @ linux kernel No. 1
    MCU: P002
    Model: I001
    IAP version: 0002
    number of compilation: GRJ22.V4.00.00-20131121
    FLASH: S00C.
    thanks for the help

  51. Ciao Kotix,

    complimenti per le ultime Skin veramente ottime.
    Volevo sapere se è possibile scorrere con i pulsanti al volante
    le stazioni memorizzate con Radio Editor invece di avanzare nella lista delle stazioni trovate dall'RDS?
    Se utilizzo la funzione di assegnazione dei pulsanti al volante le uniche opzioni sono la freccia avanti o indietro.
    Grazie mille e complimenti

    1. Come avrai intuito le 12 stazioni di radio editor sono una cosa un pò a sè, una modifica fatta da noi utenti e non dal produttore.
      L'unica cosa che puoi fare è sovrascrivere le prime 12 stazioni memorizzate nella lista con quelle dei 12 pulsanti, ti sintonizzi sul primo pulsante vai in lista e tieni premuto sulla prima stazione in lista in modo da aggiornarla, fai uguale per le altre 11.

      Ciao :)

  52. Hi friend I want a software for this radio of an opel astra and posivel?

  53. Hi friend I want a software for this radio of an opel astra and posivel?

  54. Hi, is the 2015 skinpack compatible with the fw?

    Thanx, Marcel

    1. Yes it is, but right now I suspended all my sells until next week for some maintenance.
      Please be patience untill you'll see again the buynow button on last post on my blog.

      Tnx :)

    2. Thanx !


  55. Hello,

    I've a problem with the download of the files. I get a message from dropbox, that the files are not found for download after payment. please send me a going download link.

    Thanks and regards


  56. Hi a install SkinManger in you S100 navisson LNAM S00E C306
    1. Changer original navisson
    2.changer the bouton PIP to BT and BT to Lecture ....
    You can help to correct bouton and to restore skin original navisson

  57. Hi a install SkinManger in you S100 navisson LNAM S00E C306
    1. Changer original skin navisson
    2.changer the bouton PIP to BT and BT to Lecture ....
    You can help to correct bouton and to restore skin original navisson

  58. dear sir
    i like to buy skin 3 how to do it sir.

    1. Go to my site
      In the shop s100 section, select the skin pack you like.

  59. Ciao,ho installato tempo fa la prima versione dello skinpack del 2013 credo. Uso la skin2 o light mode ma ha un bug per la radio. Quando cerco stazioni radio non compare il nome della radio ma una serie di lettere e numero che cambiano in continuazione, es. rT@2 (RTL102.5), DE2jA@ (DEEJAY). Come posso trovare una soluzione? Grazie.