Sunday, July 31, 2016

New S100 Skin "Android" is available now!

Finally the most awaited Skin for S100 is finally ready to be released for the public.
It taked me and my friend Jstelz almost a year for developing it, of course not of continuos work but we hardly kept us working on it without loosing hope to come to a final result.
I'm very satisfied of the job we have done and i beleive it's the best skin i ever made.
Here are some sample screenshots of the current developing state:

More images can be viewed in my gallery here:

Here is a demonstration video of the new skin in action:

The skin bring to s100 even one more new feature: the possibility to set icons to the radio station  buttons. (I preloaded as usual some icons for Italian, Dutch, Denmanrk and Romanian radios, you 'll have to do  by your own the icons for your contry.)

Here is a Skinmanager short changelog:
Fixed Id Faker issue 
- Skinned Skin2 Photo section
- Updated Mirrorlink script
- Added "Iconizer" for radio stations icons in Skin2
- Added new "Skin2 -Android"
- Added Mirrorlink Icons copy in skin1 during install
- Update HobDrive with right files with embedded net3.5

The skin can be purchased on my site in the S100\Shop section for 20 euros:
As many of you already know i apply different prices depending on the amount of skins you buy, giving discounts from 5 to 20 euros for the full 5 skins package.
I also want to make a special discount to those people who have recently bought my previous full package (40 euros), offering a special price of 10 euro for this new skin2.
This discount is valid only for purchases made not prior to april 2016 and must be requested to me by email.

This release brings also a new update for Skinmanager and the apps included in it, so all people is invited to check their gdrive folder and download it.


KoTiX ;)