Saturday, May 31, 2014

New S150 KoTiX 2.2 ROM based on the 30/04/2014 android 4.03 fw - UPDATED to 2.3

Time for a new ROM update today:

S150 KoTiX v2.2
EDIT: I have updated the ROM to version 2.3 to include a fix for Youtube and GooglePlayServices:
S150 KoTiX v2.3
If you don't use them, you can stay on v2.2

05.06.2014 - Fixed Google Play Services and Youtube
26.05.2014 - New bootanimation
25.05.2014 - New 160 DPI mod using Xposed and AppSetting
24.05.2014 - Removed Gapps option, they are already there!
14.05.2014 - New base fw 20140430

The rom is based on the latest 30/04/2014 winca firmware.
As you can see in the changelog winca already added the gapps so there is no need of them anymore in the aroma installer.
There aren't big changes in the rom but I used a different method to get the 160 DPI mod using Xposed framework and AppSetting, allowing to use the default launcher and allowing me in the future an easyer way to upgrade to a new fw without needing to mod each apk file.
Anyway the xposed framework will be installed in a strange way so that will be already running the app setting module right after flash but if you try to run it, it won't work. Let's see what you guys think of it and togheter will try to find a better way of running it.

The most noticable changes anyway are in the external folders "system" and "Igo", where in system you can add system apps, modify the build.prop or other folders that you need to preinstall during flash.
The iGO folder has been added by winca in this last fw and will be copied to the internal harddisk, so i guess you should copy there the maps or whatever iGO needs.

As many of you already know in the winca folder there is an "app" folder that is used to preinstall the user apps during the flash of the firmware. In this folder you can put all the apks you like, just paying attention to remove spaces from the apk name.
I prepared a small package with some usefull apps you can paste in that folder:

Enjoy for now, I'll wait for your comments ;)

NOTE for new users: if you want all the above mods you'll have to choose the "Custom install" option in the installer.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New S150 KoTiX  2.1 Rom available!!

I've uploaded the new version of my Aroma 4.03 rom v2.1, download link is at the end of the post.

First I'd like to thanks the russian developer Dimadina for his 160 DPI mod, the UI looks a lot of better now, the third party apps and the whole UI is not zoomed anymore and it's much better to use. So all credits for this mod goes to him :good:

From Dimadina  rom I also decide to copy the same MCU file becaue the V003 included in the 28/03 original winca fw is not stable and was causing me problems at boot/shutdown of the unit, like taking around 10 seconds to light up the power button before the logo.

So this is the changelog:

04.05.2014 - Added Custom Bootanimation option
30.05.2014 - Fixed Viper Lib installation
           - Changed Aroma resolution to lower dpi
           - Fixed Aroma progress bar
           - Added option to use 160 dpi interface

I increased the Aroma resolution, so we have more room for cheboxes and the progress bar is kind of working now (need more fixes  but it's ok)
Viper4Android now install without problems, you don't have to install the drivers, just enable it for the speakers.
If you select 160 DPI mod you can still choose my modded version of the radio and bluetooth apk.
I added the option to install a bootanimation in "data/local" just put the in the "bootanimation" folder, best if you use a "...x480" resolution as the screen size is 800x480, just don't use a 480x800 that is vertical mode.

If this rom don't have problems, I will stop for a while modding the 4.03 rom and I'll start porting the aroma installer, the modded radio and other mods to the 2.34 fw. With the aroma will be easyer to move to 4.03 and go back to 2.34 without flashing MCU.

Enjoy ;)

S150 4.03 Aroma-Root-160DPI_v2.1

(As always the firmware is made for the C001/I001 model, if you have different unit, use it at your own risk and be sure you have the original firmware for backup and you know what you are doing, specially regarding the risks of flashing MCU.)


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