Monday, December 28, 2015

NEW android 4.03 S150 ROM and S100 to S150 Conversion - Update 20.04.2016 (fixed error in Aroma installer)

As I  already have anticipated, i started working again on android S150 units making a new ROM, these are the main features of this ROM:

- The rom is based on the most recent 16/11/2015 firmware
- Has Aroma Installer to choose the mods to install or not
- is rooted
- has 160 dpi mod
- has gapps installed, playstore, youtube, waze work (only old versions)
- has viper4android preinstalled
- Radio, Music player and Bluetooth screens has been skinned
- all the winca apps has lollipized icons
- 2 radio styles
- 3 audio player selector methods
- flash MCU toggle
- steering wheel controls work on third party players 
- part of audio focus problems are fixed
- new bootanimation

- Fixed Single Music Player installation in Aroma
- Updated MusicPlayer Selector
- Re-added Aroma Installer!! YEAH!!
- Updated to base firmware 2015-11-16
- Integrated Root files and Viper4Android
- Fixed system partition free space
- Added 160 dpi mod (Resizing all apks) patch
Changelog for 10.01.2016:
- Removed xposed and 160dpi mod (it will come next week but without xposed). The ROM is much FASTER now!!
- Skinned all the bluetooth screens and fixed small bug in audio streaming skin
- Integrated GApps in system.img
- Updated all Google apps to latest available
- PlayServices are included in user apps, if somebody don't need them, just delete the file
- Removed old browser and repalced with lighter OperaMini
- Changed Default wallpaper
- Fixed 8x3 desktop grid
- Changed Top bars Icons to match winca apps
- Default player now is the original one, if user need alternative will replace it by him self
- Added BMW320i.apk to car apks folder
- Added Jeep logo
- Added TimeZone for russian guys

Here are some screenshots:

The ROM cost 20 euros and the price include future updates and my support.
It is compatible with all S150 models (including S100 converted to S150).
I cannot fix all the problems of the S150 firmware but i'm trying my best to give you a better experience with these units.
The people who already have bought my rom but haven't received the gdrive invite, please contact me by mail.

S100 to S150 Conversion

I decided to start selling the software and instructions needed to convert S100 units to S150 but I also want to advise everybody who's willing to do it about some important things:

- once your s100 is converted to S150 you cannot switch back to wince
- android needs more power to run and heat more the cpu, causing sometimes hw failures
- android boot time is 30+ seconds
- in android you have a lot of apps and customizations but wince is more stable and faster

Before buying the conversion software please check if your model is listed here:

If it is present in the list,  your model is supported by android firmware and you can proceed buying the Conversion software.
If it is not present but your unit don't have canbus, it's still possible to convert it but please contact me before buying.

To buy the ROM and/or the conversion software:

Please select your purchase

NOTE: If you buy my ROM, please let me know your Gmail address.



Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

I want to take this opportunity to say Thank You  and Merry Christmas to everybody who bought my software, wishing a wonderful holiday season and all the best in the coming year!

My little gift for all of you is a preview of the work I'm doing on all the 3 Roadnav platforms S100, S150 and S160:

1. A new S100 skin inspired on android auto design with theming support:

2. A new S150 "Lollipized" ROM:

3. A new S160 rooted and modded  ROM:

I hope you like them ;)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December S100 Skinpack: Opera10 and other fixes... (Fixed 05.12.2015)

This will be the last Skinpack for this year (I guess) and because I started working again on android you won't find many graphical changes but mostly important fixes.
Here is the changelog of this release:

- OperaMini/Opera10 switching fixed definetively
- GPRS Autodial updated from 1.3.5 to 1.4.3
- Fixed a very bad bug in the autoupdate function of SkinManager
- Skinned Manual page in all skins

- Added some more Resources to Skin6 Themer

As there was a bad bug in the autoupdate feature of skinmanager, I recommend to disable the autoupdate function in the settings and update to this version starting Skinmanager from Navi button and NOT from the tools menu.

All the people who already bought my skinpacks can get their update in the Gdrive folder, please always delete the old Skinmanager from SDcard/USB  and extract the new one in it.

A big tnx to my friends EAC, Alex  and everybody who's helping me developing all this:)


To satisfy more user requests and to have a more uniform portfolio I decided to change also the Skinpacks compostition, so now the people can buy also a "mini" skinpack made of a just a couple of skins (Skin2 and another skin choosable betwen Skin3, Skin4 and Skin6) or a mix of skins of his choice according to the folliwing prices:

Skin2 will be always included in every skinpack and will be considered as a free gift.
Skin3, Skin4 and Skin6 costs 10 euro each.
Skin5 (Carplay) cost 20 euro.
2 Skins in a choice of  Skin3,4,6 cost 20 euro
Skin5 + 1 skin in a choice of 3,4 or 6 cost 25 euro
2 Skins (choice of  3,4,6) + Skin5 cost 30 euro (like the old fullpack)
The Full 6 Skinpack cost 40 euro.

In this way I cover all the possible combination, giving a wide variety of prices and discounts on bigger packages.

To buy a skinpack select the version you like in the list below and hit the BuyNow button.
After payment I will send you an invitation to the  GoogleDrive folder that contain the skinpack you have choosen and i will request you your unit model number as described before.
Once I'll have the model number you'll receive the activator file to be pasted in the skinmanager folder.
So this time the  procedure is not automatic,  you will not be redirected to my dropbox links, you will have to wait for my replies. Please don't hammer me if I'll be late sometimes, I'm human, i sleep at night and i have a real job. I hope you understand  that.

Skin6 Images Album 

To buy a single skin,Please select the one you like:

To buy 2 skins, Please select the ones to include in the Skinpack

To buy 3 skins, Please select the ones to include in the Skinpack

To buy all the available Skins