Thursday, June 26, 2014

S100/S150 android 4.03 KoTiX rom v2.4 (with "keep user data" option) - UPDATED to rom v2.6

Here I am with another update of my 4.03 rom for the S100/S150 car dvd units.
The rom is based on the latest 06/06/2014 roadnav fw for I001 (nissan) but it include a file megane3.apk for the I145 model in the folder "winca\system\app" (just delete it if you don't need it).
In this firmware version and in the previous 05/20/2014 roadnav have finally fixed the "System Upgrade" function in the settings menu that was broken since they released the first official 4.03 fw; with this function it is possible now to avoid using the fused sd recovery and use a normal SD card (inserted in the dvd slot),to update the firmware.
Even more it's possible now, throught the aroma installer, to keep the user app and data when upgrading android! So no more hassle of redownloading and reinstalling you preferred apps, you'll keep all your settings as they were before the update.
NOTE:  just the units with "System Upgrade" function correctly working can use the "Don't erase user data" option.
I added a couple of more options to the installer:
- a "WIPE Menu"  to let you choose to format or not the data partition
- an option to preinstall or not the user apps from the folder "winca\app" in the sd.
For those who are new to my roms, here are the aroma installer options that you'll find:

  • Flash original full firmware (including BT, MCU etc..)
  • Flash KoTiX custom ROM 
  • Quit
  • Install ROOT files
  • Install 160 DPI mod (using xposed and app setting)
  • Preinstall user apps from Winca\app sd folder 
  • Install KoTiX Radio player mod
  • Install Bluetooth app mod
  • Install Viper4Android
  • Format data partition (If unchecked it will erase dalvik-cache only)
  • Format internal Hard Disk
  • Flash Bluetooth module
  • Write Flash.bin (vers. S00C)
  • Write MCU.bin (vers. N004)
UPDATE: I have removed the link to the old 2.4 rom and added the new 2.6 rom.
They are very similar because both are based on the same 06/06/2014 firmware, but 2.6 have some important fixes and some apps taken from even newer firmware August 01.

This is what you'll get:

- Keep apps and data function is working properly now so you can update the firmware without loosing your settings and datas
- Waze work fine
- Youtube work fine
- The bluetooth dialer now can download all contacts from phone without problems
- Switching from radio to third party players like jetaudio turn off the radio (to go back you need to pause the player)
- I added some new logos i found in new builds.
- I added an option to format internal sdcard in the aroma installer
- maybe other things...
 Here is the link to download the new 2.6 rom that include some extra apps too:

 S150 4.03 KoTiX_v2.6.rar   
Link removed to avoid people with new fw bricks their units.

Enjoy and if you like my work, please consider donating ;-)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

S150 MODS INJECTOR for android 2.34

Hi guys, lately I've worked a little on the android 2.34 fw... I've tryed to port the aroma installer but the touch screen don't respond so I decided to make something different, I created a flashable zip that include:

  • root access (CWM Superuser)
  • my radio player mod
  • bootanimation from my 4.03 fw
  • more apns for 3g connection
  • some user apps preinstalled: EsFileExplorer, Jetaudio, AudioGlowLW, TitaniumBU,WAZE.
  • Viper4Android

Here is my Mods Injector V1.0  

It is only for S150 units with android 2.34 firmware , it's NOT for units with android 4.03.

Uncompress it on a normal SD (don't need a fused one), put it in sd DVD slot (not GPS) and from settings do a "System Upgrade"

It will NOT erase your user data, it will just erase dalvik-cache.

If you already have one of the mentioned above apps.... i don't know... you tell me what will happen.