Sunday, March 13, 2016

New S160 KoTiX ROM update available (20.09.2016 based on 31.08 firmware)

As this now the official S160 KoTiX ROM post on the blog, I'll keep writing here all the updates I make.
The most significant changes in the September roms are the possibility to switch skin easily and quickly from the Carsettings app in the launcher and the option to disable/enable the bootanimation from the Settings.
The skins available are in order :
Skin 0 - Win
Skin 1 - Original (Audiskin)
Skin 2 - KoTiX skin


Based on Build number:
rk3188-eng 4.4.4 KTU84Q eng.rks160.20160831.160812
rk3188-eng 4.4.4 KTU84Q eng.rks160.20160822.144223
rk3188-eng 4.4.4 KTU84Q eng.rks160.20160727.134924
rk3188-eng 4.4.4 KTU84Q eng.rks160.20160512.141206
rk3188-eng 4.4.4 KTU84Q eng.rks160.20160416.150742
rk3188-eng 4.4.4 KTU84Q eng.rks160.20160114.114650
APP: Part9 2015-10-20 15:25

19.09.2016 - Updated to firmware version 31/08/2016
12.09.2016 - Added better Polish translation and fixed German in Audiskin and KotixSkin
06.09.2016 - Removed Skin selection from settings (it's already in Carsetting app)
04.09.2016 - Updated Superuser, EsFileExplorer, Googlenow, Youtube
03.09.2016 - Fixed German strings
02.09.2016 - Enlarged Bluetooth dialing Name and changed background image
30.08,2016 - Added Skin selector in settings "Display and mods" (original, kotixskin, navisson)
28.08.2016 - Added option in settings to disable bootanimation
26.08.2016 - Fixed Partition info labels
25.08.2016 - Added Navisson skin
24.08.2016 - Updated to 22 August 2016 fw version
12.08.2016 - Changed Viper4Android with fixing music visualizers issue
11.08.2016 - Added MxPlayerPro+codecs
                   - Ported MTC Launchers JY, GLD and CarMod to systemapp folder
                   - Added Torque, TitaniumBackup, Youtube to preinstall
10.08.2016 - Updated to 27.07.2016 fw version
                   - Updated Gapps, Supersu and all other apps
09.08.2016 - Added S160keys application to change buttons assignements and modified Wincaserver for it
08.08.2016 - Updated to 07.08.2016 fw version
                   - Restored default icons in Launcher
                   - Fixed Radio Station bookmarks buttons labels
30.05.2016 - Decreased by 5 seconds the boot time, changing boot animation
27.05.2016 - Added Viper4Android + Sony Beats
                  - Increased System partition to 800 MB
                  - added AdBlock
                  - Fixed Shuffle button icon in player
                  - Fixed "Save xx" station  position in radioplayer
24.05.2016 - Updated to firmware base: 12 May 2016
                  - Fixed Positions of TA, AF etc.. labels in radio screen
23.04.2016 - Updated to firmware base: 16 April 2016
                   - Available 2, 4 or 8GB user memory ROM versions
12.03.2016 - Moved "Back" button in video player to the left side
                   - Added Partition Info, Xposed, AppSetting, GravityBox to Advanced Settings
                   - Added KoTiX Mods and Autostart options in Display settings
                   - In KoTiX Mods added switch to enable/disable Audi/Wince UI
                   - Lollipized Icons
25.02.2016 - Fixed white screen problem when inserting SDcard
21.02.2016 - Fixed System partition dimension to 700Mb
                   - Available user memory is now 2GB

20.02.2016 - First Release, all Google apps updated to 20/02/2016
                   - Video and Tv icons are switched in Launcher
                   - Root updated
                   - skinned Music, Bluetooth, Radio, Audio Settings, DSP and Audiskin
                   - Increased User memory to 2GB



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