Tuesday, February 23, 2016

NEW SITE!! New S160 rooted ROM!

I'd like to present to the world my new site about all the mods i have made for the roadnav units:

The site is still under developement but it's already functional and you can see all the pictures and videos of the S100 skins and Android roms.
I'll add all the infos and guides that the user need to use my mods and to improve the experience with the Roadnav units.
In case somebody need more assistance, there is the possibility to contact me directly from the site.
This is my very first internet site so don't expect that everything is perfect.
 I'll probably change the domain from .tk to .com in the future but right now i want to be sure that i going in the right direction.

This is not the only big news today! I also have completed the first release of my S160 ROM!
Check out in the S160 section of the site all the images, the video and the features of it . If you would like to buy it simply go in the proper SHOP section and hit the BuyNow button.

UPDATE: an important fix for the S160 ROM is available! I strongly recommend everybody is using my S160 ROM to download the new version 25.02.2016 and flash it again.

Enjoy my work! I hope you like it!  :D