Sunday, September 20, 2015

S100 Skinpack September Update: Firmwares 1.2.10-1.0.11 support, updated Nitrogen player and various fixes.

I wanted to release quicly this version out so you  guys have the most important fixes and new things:

1. Support for the newer firmwares 1.2.10 and 1.0.11 where has finally been fixed the audio player tags bug.
2. The most recent version of Nitrogen with Playlist support (tnx to Demps).
I reworked all my nitrogen skins to add the the button for playlist browsing, so now you have a wide touch area in the middle of the screen to show the file browser and a separated button for playlists.
I also added the volume control to let user adjust it when using a navi software.



3. The fixes and new stuff list:
- Fixed Temperature position  in home screen skin6
- Fixed Ipod list view in skin6
- Fixed BT player tags positions in skin6
- Skinned FileBrowser in skin5

All the people who already bought my skinpacks can get their update in the Gdrive folder, please always delete the old Skinmanager from SD card  and extract the new one in it.

If you have the autoupdate function enabled in the SM settings it will ask you automatically to update, otherwise do it manually before updating the skins.

Nitrogen need to be updated manually from skintool.


To satisfy more user requests and to have a more uniform portfolio I decided to change also the Skinpacks compostition, so now the people can buy also a "mini" skinpack made of a just a couple of skins (Skin2 and another skin choosable betwen Skin3, Skin4 and Skin6) or a mix of skins of his choice according to the folliwing prices:

Skin2 will be always included in every skinpack and will be considered as a free gift.
Skin3, Skin4 and Skin6 costs 10 euro each.
Skin5 (Carplay) cost 20 euro.
2 Skins in a choice of  Skin3,4,6 cost 20 euro
Skin5 + 1 skin in a choice of 3,4 or 6 cost 25 euro
2 Skins (choice of  3,4,6) + Skin5 cost 30 euro (like the old fullpack)
The Full 6 Skinpack cost 40 euro.

In this way I cover all the possible combination, giving a wide variety of prices and discounts on bigger packages.

To buy a skinpack select the version you like in the list below and hit the BuyNow button.
After payment I will send you an invitation to the  GoogleDrive folder that contain the skinpack you have choosen and i will request you your unit model number as described before.
Once I'll have the model number you'll receive the activator file to be pasted in the skinmanager folder.
So this time the  procedure is not automatic,  you will not be redirected to my dropbox links, you will have to wait for my replies. Please don't hammer me if I'll be late sometimes, I'm human, i sleep at night and i have a real job. I hope you understand  that.

Regards, KoTiX.

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