Tuesday, November 29, 2016

KoTiX S160 custom ROM and skins 09.12.2016 (updated)

A new version of my custom firmware and skins for Roadnav S160 android units it's available now.
This are the main new features and changelog:

 - Fixed Radio station focus color in list view
 - Fixed music widget artwork issue, changed background.
 - Added Color Customization tool for Radio text of Original and Kotix skins
 - Changed Settings icons with colored ones
 - Changed KoTiX Mods settings and added option to disable root permanently
 - Reduce text size of Stations Bookmarks
 - Added better translations for German, Italian and French languages
 - Fixed audio focus issue between radio and navi app
 - Updated to fw version 28.10.2016 (MCU: 61608200 / 01609290, FLASH: A009)
 - Updated all apps to 24.11
 - Changed various apps icons
 - Added Artist tag in music widget and fixed its layout
 - Added Digital Clock III widget
 - Changed radio screen layout
 - Added reboot button in status bar
 - Added Spectrum Visualizer in Notification panel and Visualizer settings
 - Added KoTiX security check. 
New Widget with Artist tag 
New Apps Icons

New clock
New Radio

Reboot menu
Mods Settings

KoTiX Mods

Custom Colors tool

Custom Colored KoTiX radio

Custom Colored original radio
Music visualizer

Other features of the ROM:
- the Rom is prerooted
- Playstore error and playservices are  fixed
- 3 selectable Skins: Original, Kotix, Navisson
- The Audi/wince interface can be disabled in Settings
- Bootanimation can be disabled/enabled in Settings
- All the Google apps are updated to 20/09/2016
- The System partition is increased to 800Mb
- The Available user memory is increased to 2, 4 or 8GB
- Has Viper4android
- XposedInstaller, GravityBox and AppSettigns are available in Settings screen
- Manage Autostarts
- Better language translations

Here is a demo video:


To avoid sharing of my hard work, i added a security check in the ROM.

To unlock the security check in my ROM please provide me your unit model number (M***).

To know it simply go in Settings->System information screen on your unit.

In the picture you can see it’s a M171 model.
Once you tell me your model number i'll send you a file with the unclock code that you will need to add in the folder WINCACFG on sdcard before flashing the rom.
If you try to run the rom without the unlock file or with the wrong code you will see a picture like this:

If you like it and you'd like to see more picture and a demo video, please go visit my site: