Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What's going on now??

Two months without writing here... You may think I'm lazy but I'm not!  (Well maybe not at all)
Anyway all you people are may asking why I'm so late posting news and updates and what is going on to my skins and skinpacks.

Me and my good friend EAC have worked all the time on the Skins, Skinmanager and the tools included in it.
Skinmanager has been almost totally reworked to give you a more comfortable and better looking interface, in a certain way customizable and for sure more understandable and reliable.
Except for the first time that you start Skinmanager from the gps path,  it will always run from the internal flash disk so that you can have the skinpack copied on GPS or DVD SDCARD slot or even USB.
I will explain SM other features when the update will be ready.

What about the skins?

I fixed the radio Next\Prev buttons in all skins so that holding them they "search" for next frequency.

A new Skin6 is ready!  It's a porting of the MyDean firmware to the standard S100 platform.
So it has the look of the mydean skin but the functionality of the standard firmware including the radio buttons patches etc..
( this is a new skin so it will not be free, it's not to be considered a free update)

I worked  bit on Skin3 improving the home screens, audio player, BT etc...

Skin5 have  new DSP, Calculator, Calendar, GPS monitor screens

Skin5 also support Arabic languages on those firmware that support it.


For last but not less important, some of you have probably noticed that my dropbox account sometimes don't work or  it has been suspended because of high bandwith usage, I please you to be patience some more until I setup a new sharing method using my GoogleDrive account.

The next update will be release only on Google drive and the access will be granted only to the emails used to buy the skinpacks. There will be also some more protection added to my software, this is just a starting point..

I'll keep you more updated soon.




  1. Welcome Back ! The new skin looks more convivial. Thanks

  2. Very good to know that is news. You accept interface suggestions ???
    How do I send you some ideas ??

    1. Please, Send me an email.
      Look at my profile on the right side of this blog.

  3. Very good news ! I also wonder whether the redesigned interface 'Files' in the Skin5 aka CarPlay ?

  4. great job m8 , but from where can i download it , your dropbox has only the older versions ? , is there another link ?

    Thanks in advance

    1. It's not out yet, I'll makeva new post when it's ready.

    2. When do you think SKIN 6 will be available for download? Are we talking about days or maybe weeks?

    3. Beta verzion? (BUG test?) :)

    4. No beta version right now because we are implementing a kind of protection system to avoid sharing and reselling if the skinpacks.
      BTW there will be even more surprises like a firmware switch function and other goodies...
      Please be patience some more ;)