Friday, July 31, 2015

In the next Skinpack update....some more suprises...

Here is  a list of the new feauters and most important changes there will be in the upcoming new skinpack:

1. New protection system with a "one skinpack per model" check.
2. A "unified" skinpack for all the firmware versions
3. Firmware switch function
4. Completely rewritten Skinmanager
5. New Nitrogen "Carplay-spotify" skin
6. Possibility to buy a mini skinpack with a single Skin (3,4 or 6) for 10 euros and other formulas

...and here some explanations:

1. There will be a new anticopy protection system that will let install the skins only on the specific model of the buyer.
The buyer perhaps will have to provide me his model number Cxxx and I'll send him an unlocking file with a special code. Without this code it will be not possible to install any skin.
In the same time I'll stop using dropbox to share my files and the next skinpack will be released only on my Google Drive folders and the access will be granted only to the buyer email.

2. There will not be anymore different versions of skinpacks  for each firmware, the skinpack now is just one and you'll be prompted to select the firmware version between the availables 1.7.9, 1.10.9 and 1.1.10. according to your choice the skins, patches etc.. will be adapted automatically to the choosen firmware.

3. In skintool there is the new nice feature for the firmware switch. Yeah you read it right! It's possible to switch between firmware versions directly from skinmanager and everything will be automatically adapted to the choosen firmware.

4. My good friend EAC has rewritten almost completely the Skinmanager scripts, taking it to an unprecedent level, more interactive, verbose, comfortable and smart.
Here is a video demostration of Skinmnager updating from an old version, you'll love it :

5. I ported my Carplay/Spotify skin to Nitrogen player:

6. With the newcoming MyDean/Skin6 I decided to start selling an even cheaper Skinpack for the price of 10 euros. This "mini" pack will include all the skinpack features but only one skin, selectable between Skin3, Skin4 and Skin6.
The old "Full" skinpack will remain a "5 Skins Package" for 30 euros
There will be a new 6 skins "Full Skinpack" for 40 euros
Carplay skinpack will remain as it is. 20 euros
In this way i'm covering all ranges of prices.


  1. KoTiX, it is so tempting, when we finally can get this? :)

  2. Old Full" skinpack" (5 Skins Package) upgrade NEW "Full Skinpack (6 skins) 10 euros?

    1. It's not exactly like you say: Old Full SP consist of 4 skins (skin1 is the original), where skin2 can be considered as a free gift, so you have 3 skins for 30 euro....
      Btw the main point is that even if i sell the 6 skins pack for 35 and a single skin for 10, i have no time to check who already paid 30 and let him pay 5 instead of 10. I have to uniform the prices in same way...
      I accept suggestions and i'll think more about it, we still have one week. ;)

    2. Ok, BUY . :)
      I look forward link

  3. Good work again! But I bought carplay skin pack yesterday. Should I pay to update the skin? Or to have spotify nitrogen skin? What about carplay skin for audio settings or gps tool display?

    1. You don' t have to pay more, only if you want to buy other skins you'll have to pay.
      Nitrogen skin and carplay updates are included.

  4. Hello KoTIX, i bought you your first complete pack , must buy an extra cost for having your full 6 skins pack ? thnak's for replie, best regards, Superboost (

    1. The update will be free for everybody who already paid so you will have the skins you bought updated as well.
      The new skins are not free so you'll have to buy the skin6 if you wish.
      Bye ;)

  5. An other question, i'm very interesting with the new DSP with multiband equalizer, is it present on all skins or only on skin 5 ? thank's for reply, Superboost

    1. Presence of DSP depend on the hardware of your unit, not on my skins.
      I skinned DSP screens in skin5, skin6 have also a different theme.
      If you don't see a DSP screen on your unit means you don't have the board with DSP.

  6. Thank's for your responses. If i good understand, i will pay you an extra cost of 10 euros for skin 6, you will send me also free skins 1 to 5 than i have already paid... but me i love so your work than i can pay to you an extra of 10 euros.... i know what spend of time for your work and appreciate so...
    Let's go for your future ALL OPTIONS 6 packs..... when you want :), i'm ready and my credit card also..... fast, fast, fast i can't wait anymore.... :)

  7. Very good job Kotix
    In the new skin6 will be able to put and temperatures in radio;Further from the us use the radio and was very convenient to seeing and the temperature there and not only in the main menu.It would be a very good addition to next update


  8. kotix hello , I had already bought the carplay skin ... how can I get new updates ? the e-mail of the purchase was