Thursday, February 19, 2015

S100 Skinpack 18.02.2015

Another update is ready for download!
This time there aren't big changes in the skins, it's mostly a bug fixes release, let's see them in detail:

- Fixed Installed/Not Installed labeling for skin4 in skinmanager
- Fixed bug in MyDean player that doesn't show the album and artist tags (Tnx to AlexOz....)
- Fixed MyDean player installation that was not replacing correctly Nitrogen, the original player or the patched original player. Now the switch between them is working great!
- Fixed a bug in the Patched original player (Tnx again to Alex)
- Fixed Bluetooth music info tags in all skins
- Added better translation for German and Swedish. (Tnx Jörg M. and Gugge).(To use Swedish I still need to implement a function for non conventional languages, so for now please contact me by email for instructions)
- Added German version of Nitrogen skin for Skin4 (Tnx Manuel H.)
-Surely other things...

A little note about the different versions of the skinpacks:
1. The very old one for old firmwares up to 1.5.9 aren't updated at all and they aren't guarantee that they will work on your unit
2. The skinpack for firmware 1.6.9 have the skinmanager upto date but the skins may contain old graphics
3. Firmwares 1.8.9 and 1.9.9 have a bug in the audio player that don't show the artist/album id3 tags, so I recommend if you can to use the 1.7.9 firmware instead


 To download the skinpack you have to go to this post:

Once the payment is confirmed you will be redirected to the Skinpacks folder (click on "return to seller site") where you can find older versions, the curent one  and even the new ones when they will be available. You will also receive an email with a memo of the folder link.

The people who already paid the previous version DON'T have to pay again! Just look in my dropbox folder.


These are the packs included in the folder now:
- Skinpack 04.02.15 for fw 1.8.9 and 1.9.9
- Skinpack 04.02.15 for fw 1.7.9
- Skinpack 04.02.15 for fw 1.6.9
- Skinpack 12.01.15 for fw 1.8.9 and 1.9.9
- Skinpack 12.01.15 for fw 1.7.9
- Skinpack 12.01.15 for fw 1.6.9
- Skinpack 18.01.15 for fw 1.8.9 and 1.9.9
- Skinpack 18.01.15 for fw 1.7.9
- Skinpack 18.01.15 for fw 1.6.9
- SkinPack for fw to 1.5.9
- SkinPack for fw up to 1.18.7

I'll try to keep the Skinpack folder link address the same as long as i can , but if it start to get spammed all over internet I'll surely change it and I'll start to distribute the packs in another way, so please.... DON'T SPAM IT

I'll send also a copy of the link by email but if you have problems of any kind, feel free to contact me by email.
Enjoy :)


  1. Hi Kotix,

    If I click on Radio Editor it doesn't do anything, what it is for?

    1. Yep, I put it there but is till have to make it working :(
      It's a tool to edit the stations names directly from the unit, without the need to edit the radio.db on the pc.

    2. Thanks for the reply, happy with everything else, keep up the good work

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Thanks for updating your skins !!
    Is the Carplay skin ready for a soon release ?

    1. Yep, almost ready... one more week or so for a first release with most common screens done, other screens will come later on.
      Let's say it's done almost in the same way of the skin3 and skin4.

  3. on what firmware tags are displayed when playing via bluetooth? I have with your skins and tags are not displayed :(

    1. The xml code to show the tags is present since 1.7.9 fw but you need one of new motherboards with new BT module. ( i don't have it either).

    2. thank you, for answer.
      I'm waiting carplay skin :)

  4. Como hago para pedir carplay para s100

    1. Va en el mi sito en la sección shop/s100