Wednesday, January 28, 2015

S100 - SkinManager Upcoming new features and Carplay situation

Today I want to keep you guys updated about some new features I'm adding to the S100 Skinmanager while I'm still developing the carplay skin of course.
Some of these new mods are small changes but they always take me some days to make them working nicely and i beleive that they can be even expanded to other things... Let's see what they are..


1. A better way to display which skins are installed and in use:
As you can see Skin1, Skin3 and Skin4 are installed, Skin2 is not installed and Skin3 is the one in use.
2. A SkinManager version check at start up: 
When Skinmanager start will check if the version present on  the SD card is newer than the one installed in the unit and, if so, it will automatically update.
This feature could be probably extended later to the skins too, checking if they will need to be updated or not.
3. A different (better) version of the default Audio player, taken from the Mydean firmware, that use a bigger list view:

As with Nitrogen player there will be the possibility to enable or disable this player as default one.
I don't know if I'll find the time to theme this player to match the skin4 theme...
4. there will be 2 more extra apps:
- Hobdrive ( for OBD information display using an ELM adapter.
- SysInfo to display windows CE system information.


Sections finished:
- Main Menu
- Radio
- Bluetooth
- Media main screens
- Tools main screens, Extras
- Settings General, Navi Path, Logo, Clock

Sections on the work:
- Audio Player
- Settings Audio

Sections to do:
- all the rest...  ;)


  1. Are you incorporating the new audio player on the carplay skin?

  2. Hello, where are update of s100 to s 150??? I dont see more in your blog. Tks

  3. Hello, where are update of s100 to s 150??? I dont see more in your blog. Tks

    1. As I'm selling stuff for s100 and as the new firmwares cannot be converted to s150 anymore, I removed the guide.
      Sorry about it but i had to do it.

  4. OBD feature looks cool, but how will it work with the ELM327 ? With bluetooth ?

    1. Not with the onboard bluetooth but you can use it with a bluetooth dongle connected to USB or use a USB ELM327.
      I never did it so don't take it as a sure thing, i 'll give you just the option to use the software.

    2. Will these new features be available for free for people who bought the skin manager ?
      Any idea for a release date ?


    3. Yes, these new features will be free if you have already paid. (the carplay skin will be sold separately.)

      I'll probably update the skinpack next week. :)

  5. Hola Kotix, gracia por tu trabajo.

    A mi me interesa el skin Apple's Carplay, si pago ahora por estos skin pack, viene incluido o tengo que esperar??

    Si compro estos Skin pack que hay ahora van incluidas futuras actualizaciones o tengo que comprarlas después??


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Tiene que esperar, CarPlay se venden por separado.
      Si compra esto skinpack, Compra las 3 skins (skin2,3 y 4) con sus futuras actualizaciones y funciones de skintool con tambien actualizaciones sobre futuras.
      Si compra Carplay, compra solo Carplay con sus futuras actualizaciones y funciones de skintool con tambien actualizaciones sobre futuras.
      Comprando carplay no tendrá actualizaciones futuras de las 3 skin.
      Carplay cuesta un pochito mas ( No sé todavía cuánto) pero los que ya han comprado los viejos paquetes piel tendrá un descuento en el nuevo

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Did you release updates for fw ? Because there is no for my unit.

    1. Yes of course, the entire skinpack folder will be updated. I also have a good news for the french people, that i fixed the wrong font size issue :)

      Just be patience untill next week for the update.

      Ciao :)

  7. Como hago comprar estos Skin Pack???

    Ya me dirás como puede hacer luego para comprar Apple's Carplay y aplicar el descuento.


    1. Esto con el nuevo player estarà listo la proxima semana.
      Ahora puede comprar esta version:
      ( busca el "Buy Now" boton)
      Y la proxima semana descargar el update.

  8. Hola Kotix,

    Hay alguna forma de que funciona Tomtom en wincas100 con Windows??? Has pensado en creado algún parche para que funcione?? seria una muy buena opción y creo que tu eres nuestro único salvador, jeje

    Gracias una vez mas por tu trabajo

    1. Hola! TomTom para wince esta parado al versión 7, no se si funciona o que..
      Todos van usando igo primo y con eso se puede utilizar las mapas de tomtom.

  9. Ciao kotix
    Provato il nuovo lettore!!
    Una favola
    Bravo come sempre!!!!

  10. Sembra quello della Toyota
    Il touch 2

  11. Hi Kotix,
    I am really pleased with the CarPlay it looks superb !
    I am having one problem.
    I have downloaded Opera 10 but I don't know where to put it so that I can switch from Mini to 10
    I am grateful for any help.

    1. It's included in my skinpacks, you don't have to download it, just click the opera icon in Customizations section in my skinmanager