Saturday, May 26, 2018

New KoTiX rom V1.0 for the PX5 Android 6.01 MTC devices!

The first version of my custom ROM for MTC headunits is finally ready to be released.
It took me a lot of time to develope it and I'm sorry for the delay but it's finally here!!

The ROM is based on latest February 2018 original MTC firmware and just like my s160 rom, i wanted to make something that is not modified only in the functionality but that it has also an actractive look, different from the original style and different from the other custom firmwares available on xda./center

So I modified the Status bar using the Nougat icons, the left title is always enabled and have a shine effect. The clock is bigger and can be set on left, center or right position.
All the icons can be enabled/disabled from the Settings->Display->Statusbar menu.

 I modified the HCT Launcher3 creating my own version of it, the "Launcher3X":

The left Bar buttons can be changed from the Settings->Display->Left bar menu, choosing from a variety of number and type.
This bar can be also enabled in other screens like Radio, Music, etc..

I modified the standard HCT widgets and created some other smaller ones to have more combinations.
The clock widgets has been resized too to match the Launcher3X resolution.

Radio player, Bluetooth interface, BT audio screen, Music player, FileManager, the Screensaver has been skinned.
In the Radio interface i added a button to set the frequency by numeric keyboar. The RDS text is all screen wide for a better reading.
The Music player can pause during a phone call and restart playing when call end. The Playlist view is bigger and the new layout let you see the albumart whle showing the playlist.
The screensaver has "digital + analogue" or "only digital" view (Hold the finger to switch them).
I changed the system fonts with LandRover/Jaguar style ones but they can be changed in the settings too.
The ROM comes pre-rooted, with xposed preinstalled and with latest gapps preloaded.
Some more pictures:
Bluetooth Dialer
Call History

Bluetooth settings
Bluetooth Audio A2DP

Music Player
Music Playlist View

Music Browser
Radio Player

File Manager

I added a security check to my rom to prevent the unhautorized installation based on the serial number check. After the purchase i will ask you the first 6 digits of the serial number:

I will give you back an unlock.txt file that you have to  put in the same sdcard or USB disk that you use for flashing, toghether with the update.img file of the ROM.
At the first boot the file will be copied inside the unit and will check the validity of the code.
If this file is missing or invalid, well... you know... you'll not be allowed to use the ROM. ;)

Right now is avaailable only the 1024*600 android 6.01 version of the rom. The 800*480 and android 8 versions will come later on.

You can buy this custom ROM in the shop/PX5 section of my site or directly from here cliking on the BuyNow button.
The price is 20 euro and it include the future updates and my support.


  1. Well my friend, then I'll start to save some bucks, waiting for your Android 8 version ;)

  2. Is there any forecast of when Android go will be released for the S160?

  3. Hi Kotix.... welcome back ! I am waiting the Android 8.0 PX5 Rom for my Xtrons PB68WRJB. Please let me know. Marco

  4. Pt s150 mă interesează versiune noua

  5. Is there a timeline for the android 8 px5?

    1. Hi, Android 8 version is ready.
      Please visit my site

  6. Hi, can I install this Android 8.0 ROM on my Pumkin ND0294B MCU CSN2 with Android 8 PX5 Unit with OctaCore. Thanks for Feedback.

    1. You need to purchase it on my site
      Then i'll give you access to my software and instructions.
      Feel free to contact me by email.

  7. Hi I wanted to know if it was possible to install Android on a MACROM M-DVD 6000L car radio (and have the procedure to do it) And then install the Waze navigator. thanks a lot

  8. Hello friend the version for android Pie 9 have available?

  9. Hello
    When will you release the new version of the S160

  10. Sorry but i will not work on s160 anymore. It's a too old platform.

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  12. Can I display the radio station logo in the radio application?

  13. This ROM looks great.

    May I ask if the AF function works as expected, changing to another frequency of the same FM station when the current station signal becomes weak.


  14. Hello,
    will be available firmware for S200 PX5, android 8?
    Thank you,
    Václav Rádl

  15. Hello, there's a new android version released for s160,