Thursday, April 6, 2017

S160 KoTiX ROM (05.04.17) - New "TUNE" skin!!

With the help of my friend Alper, a new skin has been developed for S160 Roadnav head units and it's now ready for public.
I kept the name he gave to the skin "Tune" and I helped him completing it and fixing many bugs in the skin engine, allowing now a more complete switch of the icons and graphic between the skins.
So here is the TUNE skin:

As you can see there is a new PowerButton that put the unit in a semi sleep mode.
The icons in audilauncher are now 8 and they have been re-ordered in a more convenient way (maybe in a future i'll be able to make them selectable...)
The car model Logo right now is not visible, i'll try to make it selectable later on.

All icons in main launcher switch according to the skin used .
There is a new player widget too.

Also the graphic in the audio player now switch correctly.

As you can see from the last radio screens, i have changed also the stations list layout showing the frequency and the RDS name of the station and in the bookmarks buttons now you can choose to show the Station name (in 2 lines, not as scrolling text) or the frequency.
This is a new option in the KoTiX mods menu in settings and need a reboot to be applied.

This is the main changelog since 17/01 rom version, in evidence other mods that has been added:
05.04.2017 - Added January 2017 new type 0 mcu file
31.03.1017 - Digital clock III is now default clock widget
30.03.2017 - Changed radio list layout with "frequency+ rds name" displayed in one line
28.03.2017 - Added Swedish langage to skins
27.03.2017 - Added S160keys to audilaucnher
26.03.2017 - Audilauncher has now 8 icons per page
25.03.2017 - Added power button in audilauncher
23.03.2107 - Added Launcher icons to match Tune skin style
22.03.2017 - Various fixes in smali codes to allow all icons to switch accordingly to skins
20.03.2017 - Added new skin "Tune" (by Alper & me)
18.03.2017 - Added a second home widget for music/radio etc..
17.03.2017 - Added option in KotixMods to select the number of apps available in SWC Mode Select window
10.02.2017- Added option in KotixMods to choose to display Frequencies or Stations names in radio bookmarks buttons
01.02.2017- Station names in bookmarks buttons are displayed in 2 rows instead of a single scrolling line
25.01.2017- Removed AdBlock and replaced with AdAway
20.01.2017 - Updated Google apps to latest

Here is a preview video:



To avoid sharing of my hard work, i added a security check in the ROM.

To unlock the security check in my ROM please provide me your unit model number (M***).

To know it simply go in Settings->System information screen on your unit.

In the picture you can see it’s a M171 model.
Once you tell me your model number i'll send you a file with the unclock code that you will need to add in the folder WINCACFG on sdcard before flashing the rom.
If you try to run the rom without the unlock file or with the wrong code you will see a picture like this:

If you'd like to have more informations and to buy it, please go visit my site:


  1. The new skin is perfect... I like Flashfire app... The procedure of firmware upgrading is much quicker... and you don't have to set your preference values again!
    Thanks KoTiX..

  2. Hi KoTiX! I have a M414 model in a Seat Ibiza. Will this firmware be suitable? Thank you?

    1. Hi, yes of course. All s160 models are supported.

  3. Absolutely perfect the update. What I want still is a time display in the tuner skin. Space seems enough.

    1. I'm tuner skin. Where in your screenshot the frequency is displayed is with me nothing. There I thought I could display the time.

    2. Sorry but don't you have a clock on top navigation bar?

    3. Yes i have, but very small. I think the mass mainly uses the tuner. Therefore, a clock in the tuner skin would be a good decision.

  4. Para speed sound hq dd 750 no vale

  5. hello kotix, from where i can download the new skin :)

    1. You need to buy my custom rom from my site.
      If you already did it, you can find it in my gdrive.

  6. Hi Kotix,
    I have model M274 , each time i want to check the contacts, it takes too long to load (about 10 sec ), and occasionally, when i answer a call, it takes about 8 sec. to hear the caller
    is there a chance to solve those bugs with ur modification firmware ?

    1. 10 seconds to load the contact list?
      It doesn't happen here. Which date is your firmware? My rom is based on latest December firmware.

    2. yes , from the first day I bought the device , I have Iphone mobile with around 800 contacts
      every single time acts as if I am storing it from the beginning
      I am having now the latest firmware found on roadnav forum as nelow:
      "File Name:M274-eng.rks160.20160926.154322.01609290.exe"

  7. I've been using the new skin for a couple of days and I really like it. I've only noticed on tiny quirk; When using bluetooth audio (A2DP) the play/pause icon doesn't change, depending on whether it's playing or paused. Thanks for making our device look and perform better!

    1. Tnx for.reporting it. I'll look in it ;)

  8. I have model 2 cars with M037 unit (my wife and I) , If i bought the room can i use the unlock card for both cars ?

  9. I bought your wonderful rom , I just have one question
    If I disabled the Audi/wince interface, how can i clean up memory from the android interface ( something like the rocket button in the Audi/wince interface )

    1. Hi, you should find an app from playstore that does the same or close the opened apps one by one.

  10. Hi after update usb tethering not availble ...! Any ideas ..? 'Many thanks

    1. I have no idea...
      Try with an older mcu.

  11. Hi kotix
    I would like thank you for your rom it works fine
    Geeat job
    Best regards from germany

  12. Hi Kotix,
    i have a Hyundai Tuscon 2017 suv with winca s160
    does ur rom support this device?
    thank you

    1. Yes, all models are supported ;)

  13. Hello Kotix. After i had update my device it says sd car is busy and the usb dont work in the app "music"

    1. Please go in settings->storage and erase/format the internal sdcard

  14. It still don't work and the same with usb it's says preparing usb

  15. hello kotix

    I can on a megan 3 with autoradio s150 install s160 or not support it
    Or what should I do or just buy the rom s160 and install greetings

    1. Hi, s150 has a totally different hardware. It's not possible to run s160 ROM, only an s150 one.

      You can buy my s150 custom ROM from my site

  16. Hello Kotix!
    Yesterday when I connected to the home wifi, some applications were updated and today, when I started android, incessant errors in playservices and gapps started to appear on the screen and I can no longer access the system menus ... Should I reinstall ROM?