Thursday, November 5, 2015

S100 November 2015 Skinpack! New Themer app for personal customizations. (..update 08/11/2015)

Here it is another update of my famous skinpack for the S100 platform of Car Navi Players from roadnav company.
The November update bring some fixes like the Opera10 switch and MydDean Player for 1.0.11 firmware, some new screens skinned in various skins and a brand new tool called Themer  .
The Themer right now is available only for Skin6 (MyDean) and will allow the user to change the wallpaper, the icons or both:
(more pics will come soon).

A demo movie of themer in action:

At first run THEMER will install the resources on the unit so that you can easily switch items as you like. in the speed of a screen change.
If you'd like to change the wallpapers with yours, I added a file browser that will let you select the  png image you like (It need to be 800x480).
If you'd like to modify the existing graphic you can find it in the folder "\Skinmanager\Extras\Themer\Skin6-resources".

The second big news is that the MyDean player now work only on firmware 1.10.9 and 1.0.11 becasue only on these 2 firmwares we have full support for radioeditor and mydean player simultaneusly.

The skinned screens can be viewed on the release notes:
- Skin6: Fixed main menu icons for Fiesta, Fixed Ipod Shuflle and Repeat buttons, Fixed Radio station buttons.
- Fixed ToggleInputPanel in IDFaker
- Fixed ThemerLaunch.mscr that prevent running without external storage.Updated Skin2 with DVR files04.11.2015
- Skinned DVR for skin6
- Skinned DVR for skin5
- Added THEMER app to Extras section, it work for all skins but right now it's available only in skin6 (in place of GAMES)
- Slimmed a bit skin6 font.
- Changed main background in skin6 to support  themer.
- Changed to red the RDS text in skin6 and reallined other labels.
- Skin3: changed BT/wifi/3g etc icons
- Skinned DVR in skin3
- Skinned DVR in skin4
- Skinned all sound settings in skin3 including DSP
- Fixed Opera 10/Operamini  switching procedure
- Separate Nitrogen config files for skin2 and skin6. Now, in every unit skin, Nitrogen could have different skins.
- Skinned skin3 IPOD.
Fixed time position in home screen
- Extended Buttons Functions switch to all available functions
- Skin3 Skinned: WorldClock, SysInfo, Settings General
- Added clock in IPod skin5.
- Bigger time in mydean player for skin5
- Fixed MyDean player and RadioEditor behaviour: Mydean can be dafault only on fw 1.10.9 or 1.0.11

For last I improved the "Change Buttons Functions" tool adding all the available functions: by default it will replace button with the audio player but if you need you have a hge list of functions to choose from.

All the people who already bought my skinpacks can get their update in the Gdrive folder, please always delete the old Skinmanager from SD card  and extract the new one in it.

If you have the autoupdate function enabled in the SM settings it will ask you automatically to update, otherwise do it manually before updating the skins.

A big tnx to my friends EAC, Alex  and everybody who's helping me developing all this:)


To satisfy more user requests and to have a more uniform portfolio I decided to change also the Skinpacks compostition, so now the people can buy also a "mini" skinpack made of a just a couple of skins (Skin2 and another skin choosable betwen Skin3, Skin4 and Skin6) or a mix of skins of his choice according to the folliwing prices:

Skin2 will be always included in every skinpack and will be considered as a free gift.
Skin3, Skin4 and Skin6 costs 10 euro each.
Skin5 (Carplay) cost 20 euro.
2 Skins in a choice of  Skin3,4,6 cost 20 euro
Skin5 + 1 skin in a choice of 3,4 or 6 cost 25 euro
2 Skins (choice of  3,4,6) + Skin5 cost 30 euro (like the old fullpack)
The Full 6 Skinpack cost 40 euro.

In this way I cover all the possible combination, giving a wide variety of prices and discounts on bigger packages.

To buy a skinpack select the version you like in the list below and hit the BuyNow button.
After payment I will send you an invitation to the  GoogleDrive folder that contain the skinpack you have choosen and i will request you your unit model number as described before.
Once I'll have the model number you'll receive the activator file to be pasted in the skinmanager folder.
So this time the  procedure is not automatic,  you will not be redirected to my dropbox links, you will have to wait for my replies. Please don't hammer me if I'll be late sometimes, I'm human, i sleep at night and i have a real job. I hope you understand  that.

Regards, KoTiX.

To buy a single skin,Please select the one you like:

To buy 2 skins, Please select the ones to include in the Skinpack

To buy 3 skins, Please select the ones to include in the Skinpack

To buy all the available Skins


  1. When I buy skin6 (mydean) I also get Themer?


  2. Installed today, and it works great. Thanks. As you say: "I apologize but I found some bugs in the 04/11 release so a 06/11 one is coming out with the fixes." Can you tell us what the bugs are.

    1. There is a bug in skin6 home screen, in skin3 audio settings and in themer script that cannot run without external storage.
      So it's better you update again skin manager and the skins.
      I'm still uploading all the packages..

  3. hello, I wonder about the upgrade.I made the purchase in dai 02/11/15

    1. You'll find the update in the same Gdrive folder :)

  4. Hello Kotix!
    Are these skins compatible with C250 variant of S100? What FW version works better, 1.10.9 or 1.0.11? Are Opera 10/Nitrogen installers included with your package? Thank you

    1. Yes, my skins work on all models except c219.
      Best fw is 1.0.11.
      Everything is included in the skinpack ;)

    2. Payment done. This skin will perfectly match my car dash

  5. Hi Mate,
    I was wondering do your skins allow full control of the ipod, ie being able to go back to the ipod menu and select a new playlist without having to unplug it select and plug it back in?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Oh the countless searches I did to find out how is it with the iPod playback! And no results at all...nothing...what's even worse, there are in fact buttons that should allow browsing the iPod content, right in the UI folder of the main S100 software! I already wrote something about this, mostly here:
      and here:

      ...but so far reply from anyone "important" from the manufacturer...feel free to join my rant about it on both links, maybe someone will finally notice!

  6. The Ipod skin has just a different graphic, if it doesn't work on original skin it wont work on mine.


  7. after update 5.01 -5.03 battons radio no work all skins thamer too skin6 firmware c226

    1. Hi Igor, i'm already trying to fix these bugs.
      Tnx for reporting them.
      You'll have another update soon ;)

  8. Many thanks for the update KoTiX! I see that you added the clock in to the iPod Carplay skin, that's awesome! I finally switched from the skin 1 to carplay, finally the UI looks little better!

    Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to see Themer app available for all skins! :-)


  9. Hi KoTiX!
    I am glad to see that a new era for GUI has come!
    Now I am sure that our device has FUTURE, due to yours and some other guys efforts!
    RoadNav seems to forget S100 development... as there is no more serious firmware update! RN_Tao stopped uploading the new firmware... I am waiting for my C001 version more than 6 weeks
    Well keep walking..
    Alex (Greece)

  10. Silly question... How do i update?

    I have newest version copied to my sd card.

    Put it in, go to tools, start skinmanage, it says preparing update, then freezes at 1 :(

    Help please

    1. Please contact me by e-mail so i can help you.

    2. Please contact me by e-mail so i can help you.

  11. Hi KoTix, thanks for the nice job. When we can expect to have your Themer for the other skins, i.e. CarPlay skin? :)

    1. I don't see much things to change in carplay skin beside Icons.
      What would you like to be customizable?

    2. I want to have an audio bottom in main window in place of Browser, without hassle of faking ID, if possible. Faking ID leading to some problems with canbus etc...

  12. Hi KoTix,
    I really like the look of your skin2 and I was considering getting it. Just a few questions:
    - Does it have the 6 radio station buttons?
    - Does it have portuguese language?

    Yhank you.

  13. All my skins have the 6 radio buttons but they are applied patching the software.
    I don't remember if you have the portuguese language available for all firmwares but it is surely there.
    Maybe you will just need to switch firmware with my skintool or load the Portuguese as a custom language with the tool in customization section of skinmanager.

    Bye ;)

  14. Hello KoTix,
    does skin 6 work with this:
    OS: S100-UNI.A20140106-A2.1
    APP: S100-V1.3.9.0
    MCU: F00M S00E C012.
    or do i need to update?
    Kind regards

    1. You need to update the firmware.

    2. I got 2 options : V1.7.9.0 and V1.10.9.0.
      First one i hear is more stable.
      Which one is suggested for the skin?


    3. With 1.10.9 you have more options from my skinpack.
      Anyway you can switch firmware with my skintool (even the newer 1.0.11).

  15. Hi Kotix,

    is there any possibility to change the following things:
    1. change wallpaper also in Radio screen (i am using MyDean skin)
    2. change the car logo (current logo is ugly as hell) on boot screen
    3. change the theme to other car vendor (not only Lincoln, mazda)


    1. Hi Peter,
      1.sure it's possible, I'll put a sample in next release
      2.themer cannot do it, there is a guide on roadnav forum
      3.sure is possible but you have to do it yourself changing the images in the \extras\themer\skin6-resources

  16. Have problems to install Opera 10 to device from skinmanager. In S100program there are 2 Opera maps. Still open the Opera mini not Opera 10. Had to install manually.

    1. Hi, unfortunately it's still broken but it will be fixed in next update coming out in a few days.

  17. @Peter; You can make a new logo.png and BG-home.png and put this in \Skinmanger\Extras\Themer\SkinX-Resources\BG8\^*^^*^* and \T3\*#

  18. Hello Kotix.
    Please take a screenshot or video radio MyDean.


  19. Thank you so much.
    And the name of the radio station can not be done in the middle?

    1. There isn't enough room for it and I cannot move the freq number.

  20. Hello KoTix,

    I am interested in the carplay skinpack, my s100 version is (C324), will it work on my version or will i have to downgrade to an older version..
    Please let me know if its gonna work or if the downgrade option can be done.
    Thank you



    1. i mean that you don't have to downgrade :D

    2. Awesome, thanks for your fast reply, I will place the order now..

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. ciao vorrei provare skinmanager sul mio s100 c045 versione
      Dove pago e scarico quello giusto?

    2. In questo post prima dei commenti degli utenti ci sono i pulsanti "BUYNOW", scegli il pacchetto con la\le skin che ti interessano e clicca "buynow"

    3. Grazie pagamento effettuato. Codice transazione 9N496432Y4918384C

  22. Hola Kotix te he comprado el skin 3 te agradeceria me pasaras actualizaciĆ³n, gracias, mi modelo es s100 c206