Friday, March 20, 2015

Standard skinpack for firmware 1.7.9 is buggy

This is an important advice for those people who are using the Standard Skinpack for firmware 1.7.9 or have the full pack and are using it as skinmanager base:
I  copied the wrong files for the radio stations mod and it's probably not working for you.

I already uploaded the corrected skinpack and also a patch for those who don't want to download again the entire package but just correct it them self.

This bug is NOT present in the Carplay version or either in the 1.8.9->1.10.9 versions, these versions are fine and the radio mod work correctly.

I'm really sorry about this but at least i found it :)


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  2. BUG I may have found...

    While playing music with Bluetooth, as I switch to navigation the music no longer is heard period... I tried this also while playing the radio and switching to Navi still doesn't play in the background while the navigation is running....

    Let me know if you've encountered this problem...

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Kotix,

    Firmware Everything is working great ! Wonderfull skin, great work.

    regards christiano